Believe I Can Academy

Advocate - Enrich - Educate

Daily Drop in Rate:


Private Tutoring

Master Tutor's are available for center based tutoring after school.  The Master Tutor is a Certified Special Education teacher.  The Master Tutor will provide services in all subject areas.  The sessions will be individualized and specific to the child's needs.  Please email us for additional questions.  Tutoring from the Master Tutor will be $50 per hour.

Tier 1 Tutors are trained and supported through the Master Tutor.

Tier 1 Tutor will be $30 per hour

(We are currently training additional Tier 1 Tutors)

In Home Trainings

In Home Trainings are also available and rate depends on the intensity of the specific need and resources needed to provide individualized family instruction.  This can also include School Based trainings on your child as well as community based trainings.

 Believe I Can Academy helps create educational opportunities with specialized instruction for individuals with unique needs. We are creating educational success by utilizing private tutors which can be accessed through the Empowerment Scholarship. Believe I Can Academy is striving to meet all of the needs of individuals with special needs, their family and community. We advocate, enrich, educate and encourage all individuals. We are attaining the unattainable one dream at a time. We are creating successful individuals at every ability level! 

Educational Enrichment Specifically Designed for Individuals with Disabilities

Private Tutoring utilizing ESA Scholarship funding will be calculated on an independent basis.

Certified Special Education Teachers

State Certified/Approved Instructional Assistants

I met with Sarah at Believe I Can Academy to discuss things that I could be doing at home to help my daughter, Abby. Sarah confidently took Abby and worked with her on reading sight words amongst other things. She showed me how she can learn these words quickly and also can learn to spell the words. Abby was extremely focused and able to learn with these new methods. I was very impressed with Sarah and the Academy and I believe the kids in her class are very lucky to have a teacher teach them the way they learn best. Mary M.


Complimentary Pick Up within a 5 mile radius from BICA

Hours 2PM-5:45PM

(Additional mileage cost  due to location of pick-up)

$220 Per Month-5 days a week

$132 Per Month- 3 days a week

Starting November 1st, 2016 there will be a late fee to children being picked up after 5:45.  There will be a $1 per minute late fee, paid in cash at pick-up.