Believe I Can Academy

Advocate - Enrich - Educate

We work on current events through News 2 You!  This news paper is modified and specialized for differentiated instruction!! We also have organized art activities designed and instructed by local artists!!  Last year an Art Gallery in LA hosted an art show just for US!!

This is a summer program organized and taught by a certified Special Education Teacher and supported by certified Master Assistants and Program Specialists.  This program is designed to support community awareness, encourage and teach appropriate social interactions and support educational growth.  

I Can 2016 summer theme is Community Helpers

Summer Savings

Enroll for Month of June 5 days a week, receive $200 free, session is only $460!!

​Enroll for entire month of July 5 Days a week, receive $200 free, session is only $400!!

Our program specialist has embedded theraputic interventions within each learning and play station!!  Utilizing support and input from OT, SLP and PT, we have created a well rounded and academically driven morning program.

I Can Summer Camp helps create educational opportunities with specialized instruction for individuals with unique needs.  I Can Summer Camp is striving to meet all of the needs of individuals with special needs, their family and community.  We are attaining the unattainable one dream at a time.  We are creating successful individuals at every ability level!

Summer Hours

9AM to 5PM

5 Days a week $150

3 Days a week $90

Single Day Drop in $45

This summer we will be focusing on Community Helpers, we will be learning lessons about community helpers which will include reading, writing and math components.  Please bring your IEP and goals so we can better serve your child with appropriately differentiated instruction!!

Awesome Summer Field Trip Line Up:

Tempe Fire Department

Tempe Police Department

Tempe Post Office

Casa Reynoso

Phoenix Airport

El Dorado Pool

Summer Movie Fun

And Much MORE....