Open Camp Days:

2017-2018 School Year

October 9-20

December 21-22

December 28-29

January 3-5

February 19

March 9

March 12-23

I Can Summer Camp 

May 25-

August 6

The City of Tempe always has something fun for us to do!!  Free Art Friday is one of our FAVORITE Activities!!

I Can Camps helps create opportunities with specialized instruction for individuals with unique needs.  I Can Camps is striving to meet all of the needs of individuals with special needs, their family and community.  We are attaining the unattainable one dream at a time!  We are creating successful individuals at every ability level!!

Every year we visit the Tempe Fire Department!  They are always so nice and they even turn the lights on for us!!

I Can Camp Hours

9AM to 5PM

$30 a day

Single Day Drop in $45

Please see below dates of operation, liable to change

Community activities allow us to meet so many new friends!!  We always have a fun learning!!

Open Camp Days:

2018-2019 School Year

October 8-12

December 21

December 27-31

January 3-4

February 18

March 11-18

I Can Summer Camp 

May 24- August 7

Believe I Can Academy

Advocate - Enrich - Educate