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"Ms. Sarah is my 'Abocate'...MY MUSCLE!!!" - Jenna

All things are possible when you believe they CAN and WILL learn!! All it takes is someone to believe in them!!  Here at Believe I Can Academy, we believe #anythingispossible!!

Services are provided by Believe I Can Academy's Advocacy Division

Contact Sarah Davis, Advocate at

(480) 404-9345

Consulting and advocacy embraces your child and their unique needs.  To ensure Believe I Can Academy can identify and specialize in your child's needs, an initial consulting/advocacy contract will be discussed prior to services.  These include: Research, IEP, MET, data review, FBA, BIP review, photocopying, mileage, consulting with additional professionals as needed and observation in the educational setting.  The initial retainer of $300 or $150 secures time, research and support.  Additional services will be discussed at intake.

IEP/Behavior Consulting/Advocacy $300

IEP/504 Consulting $150

This includes Behavior Plan review and support as well as observations and implementation of positive behavior management techniques.  Data review is important when assessing the fidelity of a behavior plan, this is also an aspect that is often overlooked or the data collected is not the data necessary for positive behavior changes. 

Individualized Education Planning is daunting and often overwhelming.  We provide assistance in understanding the components of the IEP and assist in planning for your meeting.  What is important to have in the IEP and why.

Unlike the typical advocate, we provide support during the IEP process by bridging the needs of the child with the resources of the school.  Often times, the school team is overwhelmed, as well as you the parent, having a new set of eyes and ears is often helpful to find resolutions that will benefit the child.  This method has proven to be effective in supporting the needs of the school and child.

Believe I Can Advocacy helps create educational opportunities with specialized instructions for individuals with unique needs.  We are creating educational success by utilizing the tools of all team members working on the Individualized Educational Plan.  Believe I Can Advocacy is striving to meet all of the needs of individuals with special needs, their family and community.  We are attaining the unattainable one dream at a time.  We are creating successful individuals at every ability level.  Helping families advocate for their loved ones through all aspects of life is what we strive for.